Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Important to Egyptians of course, right?

First off, the Nile River is very very important so boats should be important as well. The Nile is about 2-4 miles wide and is 4,189 miles long which by the way is the longest river in the world and can stretch across the United States of America. Now that's huge. So why have this enormous river without any boats? That doesn't make any sense now does it? The Nile was in fact the only way Egypt had life. Amazing, Hugh? Well, why would you walk in the desert when you could just take a boat to wherever you were going? And also think about if the workers had to carry or drag all those slabs of concrete to where they were building a pyramid. Everyday life would be dreadful without boats.!!! Egypt had no bridges to cross the Nile on because it was too long! So they had ferries instead, to go back and forth across the Nile. Or if another part of Egypt had something you wanted, how would you get it? I could go on and on about how much Egyptians needed boats and how important they are but I'm not.

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  1. wow! i didnt know that the nile was the longest river in the world!! i always thought it was the amazon! silly me! haha but anyways this post was filled with great info!!