Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modern boats or Egyptian boats???

Before I say anything, I am afraid to ride modern boats in the ocean but I think I'd rather ride on modern ships than Egyptian boats. Egyptians used some papyrus material to build their boats. When I hear papyrus material I think of paper, and if someone built a boat out of paper, we all are doomed and we all going down faster than the Titanic, so I hope Egyptians knew how to swim. I don't know about ya, but riding on a modern boat made of metal and/or steel would make me feel a whole lot better. Egyptian boats were not very big and it wasn't likely to have cabins or private rooms on Egyptian boats like modern boats do. Egyptians made their boats small so they could fit on the Nile but we make our boats huge to ride in an ocean. Now that's a big difference. Egyptian boats would not be able to last in an ocean but for maybe 5 minutes guessing. They depended on wind power, so if they were stupid enough to go out into the ocean, they would be going all over the place and wouldn't be able to control themselves because they had no steering wheel or anything electrical. Once they get into this situation, there is no telling when they would reach land, where they'd end up, how they managed to reach land, or if they were all alive. So you decide, would you rather ride an Egyptian boat or a modern boat?

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