Tuesday, December 16, 2008

working on an Egyptian boat is so so hard

Egyptian boats had no steering wheel so I wonder how they controlled the boat. If you have a boat without a steering wheel, you better have a backup plan on how to control your boat. In this case the Egyptians did have a backup plan. Some men had to pull the rigging to fix the sail in the direction they wanted to travel. I really would dread doing that job, it's too much work. Sitting down and watching the pretty view would be better. Some men leaned on poles to push the boat away from the shore which sounds like a job for someone with big muscles. Sailors used a plumb line to test the depth of the water while someone is controlling the boat which I wouldn't do because I might get wet and I can't afford to get my cute outfit wet. On some boats, one crew member would use a paddle to guide the boat which I would probably fall asleep. Most commonly, you would see 2 lines of oarsmen rowing the boat and you most definitely will not catch me doing any of these jobs unless you pay me 100 g's.


  1. OMG!!! that sounds like alot of hard work!! i would not be able to be one of those guys!! you had very good info and i could picture everything that was goin on in my mind!!! i thought it was great!!