Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kings and high powered people with private boats or not?

Well first off they were high powered people and demanded respect so they of course had private boats. Duh. If I were a pharaoh or queen, I would most definitely have me a private boat. Sometimes the highly powered people and pharaohs used their private boats for business and sometimes they used boats as pleasure. Me, oh yea, you best believe I would be riding along the Nile showing off my boat on those hot, sunny days during harvest season.Lol!!! Grand boats were used by the highly powered people which you could guess by its name Grand boats meaning beautiful and precious or valuable. Pharaoh's and high powered people also had small cargo boats to carry grain to state ships. Isn't that amazing!!! A king with a small ity bitty cargo boat. I don't believe it. Three boats to a lazy pharaoh who doesn't deserve it probably. (And adults think us kids are really spoiled!!! yea rite.) I bet a king would never ever ever ride in any other boats except the ceremonial boats to assist the king into the afterlife, a spiritual boat to transport the king throughthe underworld after his death, a grand boat, a funeral boat or possibly a ferry. The pharaoh would most likely not even ride in his own cargo boat because he would be looked at as a regular person.(Even though he is a regular person, he just thinks he is more important than anybody else and he makes everybody else think he is in power too!)

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  1. WOW!! i didnt know that kings and pharoahs had private boats!! that is soooo cool!! and i as well would want one 2!! good job!